Week 7 and 8 – GDC, Intel presentation, and Beard Papa.

Holy crap. I am so tired. Exhausted might be a good word for it too.

This was maybe the best and worst GDC I’ve attended yet. It was insanely hard this year to juggle around my staff duties vs my game duties, the stress from the Intel thing, there was so much to see and do this year that I couldn’t participate in, and on top of all that the family dog Kona died while I was there. In the pluses column, Andrew came out to support me, the Intel presentation went really well, many connections were made, and the response to the game was really good.

PR-IntelFirst up, the Intel presentation. Big room, around 600 people, 5 minutes. Tina and I practiced every spare minute of the day when I wasn’t at the booth and she didn’t have Conference Associate duties. This was both good and bad, we got to have a pretty good rhythm with the presentation info, but it meant that we didn’t get a lot of time to actually experience GDC, which is kind of a bummer. The presentation day came, and it all went really really well. James played the game while we talked, we answered questions from the judges like pros, and the response to the game was favorable, even though we didn’t win. We also made some friends from Drexel, they too had blue shirts and a Cory on their team, so naturally we became bffs.

404Sight at the EAE booth was at first a disaster. Apparently us pulling quotes from the internet for the opening of the game meant that we had to have internet connection or the whole thing would crash. We found this out the morning the Expo floor opened, so yay? Thankfully everyone rallied and we were able to fix the problem in 10 minutes and then we could show off the game. The rest of the time it worked beautifully and we were able to get some really useful player data. The new levels are a really good testing ground for what needs to happen in later levels. We also desperately need a tutorial level…

All in all it was a good GDC, I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to go to many of the talks, but hey, that’s what the vault is for I guess, and I only went to one party, but it was a really good, really chill party where I got a lot of contacts.

The week after GDC was kind of a bust. We had some meetings about what we learned and next steps, but the big news is we did a soft launch of our Steam Greenlight campaign. I say soft launch because we just threw up the stuff on the greenlight page, but we haven’t officially announced it on all the social networks just yet. We wanted to wait until after GDC to really get going so we don’t get buried in all the GDC stuff.

Welp, turns out we didn’t even get to the full launch. We were Greenlit in six days. SIX days, without exploiting Tina or Tony’s networks. It’s… mind blowing actually. I really can only attribute it to two things – it’s a free game (we were very explicit about that) and our new trailer is really cool:

So yeah, I’m going to have a game on Steam. That is a really weird thing to say. I haven’t really been able to process it quite yet. I’m sure once it gets closer it’ll be more real, but for now I’m just too tired.