Week 14 – Polish, bug fixes, defense, and pizza. Lots of pizza.

It’s the last full week of classes! This is something that hasn’t really sunk in yet because there’s still do much damn work to do.

We collected and crunched the feedback about the game from the weekend, which is actually pretty consistent so that’s nice. The feedback included needing a way to change screen resolution, fix a bug that doesn’t fit the screen properly, some achievements weren’t working, and some other minor things.

We ended the week with 86,000 downloads and some new press from KUED, Des-News, and The Daily Utah Chronicle.

The thesis defense dry run was not what we expected… We didn’t really know what to put together for the presentation, so we kind of focused on the individual contributions, which were very thorough, but not what the faculty were expecting I guess. So that made the team a little cranky and we spent the week (and weekend) coming up with a new outline and thesis defense “story”. The basic gist of our new defense is that the game really and truly was a team effort and the format of the presentation reflects that.

The rest of the cohort’s games are published now, which is really fun! There is definitely a calmer energy in the lab now that the race to publish is done for everyone.

So we have two last hurdles, EAE Day, which isn’t so much a hurdle for the team as it is for me (so SO much to do), and the defense. I’m sure it’ll hit me at the end of next week that this whole thing is pretty much done, but for now there’s just too much to do. 🙂