Spring 2015 Week 2 – Commitment, complications, and sriracha BBQ sauce.

Well, we didn’t get into IGF. It would be inaccurate to say the team and I aren’t a little disappointed, but honestly, we aren’t making the kind of game that IGF is interested in. The blow was dampened a bit by the insane amounts of press we’ve been getting this week, as well as the other competitions we are in the running for right now. IGF would have been amazing, but not being a finalist in no way has dampened our spirits or commitment to making this game amazing.

Implementing the new hotness is being a bit of a bear. Joe was able to figure out a new decal shader that pretty much removed our need for the ground level of our game to be tile-based. It’s a brilliant bit of tech that Joe figured out, however it did completely break the level metrics. There was some discussion then about adjusting current levels or creating new ones to match the metrics, we’ll probably have to figure the new numbers first and then make that call.

We had a visit from a potential new professor to the U by the name of Nick Montfort. He came by projects and gave some very interesting feedback about the game mostly in the form of visuals and looking to the experience of the internet to help inform the art style. Cool stuff, definitely good feedback.

I also did a final for the inhibitor model, we’ll wait to see what the team says about the final version.


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