Enviro Art – the Planning Phase

Cross-post from Polycount forum! For Environmental Art for Games we chose a piece of concept to build from start to finish over the duration of the class. I chose this lovely piece fromĀ Destiny. I chose it not necessarily to get a job at Bungie (though that would be neat), but because it contained all the forms that I want to explore in this project. I wanted to create something that had both organic and inorganic elements, and this piece has a fair bit of both. I plan to build the inorganic parts in Maya, and try my hand at ZBrush for the organic parts.


Here is a material breakdown for the piece. I figured there are a few “hero” pieces and the rest can be created by using modular kits, specifically the non-curved box parts.


I also created a floorplan and an elevation side view.



I plan on rendering the piece in Unreal 4, with all textures being hand-painted (my specialty). I’m particularly excited about doing the texturing and lighting for this scene, and for more practice with zBrush. Comments and questions are most welcome!