2015 new semester

So it comes, my second semester in U of Utah game programming.

I’m taking 3 courses this semester.
Game project 1 is the first part of 3-semester thesis project. We’re going to work out a published version of a new title. By the end of this semester, we’re going to work out the alpha version of the game. Currently, I’m at the step of coming up with game ideas. We’re going to work on teams after we choose a game idea we’re all interested in.
Game Engineering 1 is a continuous class from c++ game programming. Based on the engine I worked out last semester, I’m going to add more modules like renderer to the engine. Also, different from last semester when engine is non platform based, it comes to be more specific for windows platform.
Narrative in Game Design is a course concentrating on story telling. I choose this as my selective course. I’m an engineer but I still want to see how we can make a complete and attractive story line. I’m pretty curious about how to make confusing conflicts in games which cause players to think throughout the story line.
More updates will come out as the semester progresses 🙂