Feeling fulfilled

It has been some time since the last update. The weeks near final is really fully occupied. Our project BEST has been reaching the final period before reaching this semester’s goal. I’m help with the GUI layout and also animation stuff. Today, we really had a lot of time on trying to synchronize our animation and audio. Hope we have a can really get a good response on EAE day!

Happy to return to lab

Today I walked back to lab. Seeing so many familiar faces. Makes me feel happy. On the narrative class after, we played each others’ games. I really like the interactive atmosphere in our program. Although I’m not good at participating, I’ll try to enjoy more of that. 🙂

Things are getting better

I just merge changes from previous assignments into my trunk and going to use it as the new base. Got to do this a long time ago but I”m still happy that I make it today.

Combined with the talk with my teammates. I’m very happy to feel that I’m being needed and continuously contribute to my group.

I’m going to turn to group project now 🙂

Enjoy working with my teammates

So I’m back and working with Nidal and Ahmad on our police simulation project.

The dialogue tree is an interesting-designed, rule-hard-coded mechanics. We’re supposed to gain different intensities according to different talking branches we choose. And then this raw intensity will be mixed with the intensity from our input devices. A final real time intensity can be observed and also determines the response (animation) of the suspect.

Really interesting mechanics to me 🙂 Hope we push it a little bit more forward before the presentation Tuesday.


After a long journey, finally back to SLC.

Hope to meet teammates Tomorrow no project class.

I’m also feeling worried about how to catch up with my missing workshop in the narrative class. Hope I can get most of that back.

Some trivial stuffs…

So I came back to China on 2.13 and amazingly I’m still in China now which is later than the date I planed to go back (3.2). My both ankles are broken so I’ll take unexpected longer time to recover.

During the time. I joined my new team B.E.S.T. I hope we can work together nicely after I come back to SLC. My current remote help is pretty much limited.

I pay more attention to RPG elements in games so I really enjoy Dragonball xenoverse by Bandai Namco. In this game, there’re a lot of RPG elements such as collect possible skills, assign level up attribute points. I haven’t spent too much on this one but I’ll try to add something similar in my new games.

Not survived…

It’s really a pity that our music battle prototype is not selected as thesis prototype.

I’m going to work on BEST (police simulation game).

I’ll be back in early March so hopefully I can figure something out about it with my new teammates.

Our music battle project

I’m not sure what’s the problem with my blog that its password is changed automatically.

So far on our project, we’re good. I’m so happy to work with my teammates and think them dedicated. We’re getting something fashion due to the efforts from Adi and Erica. Bug and Ankur as my engineer partners have done huge works when I’m sick and recovering. I would also pay my respect to Andrew and Nick for the lead and detail works done making every piece linking together. Let’s see how our pitch goes on Thursday.


New Team Formed

So now I work on team with Andrew, Bug(Harrison), Ankur, Erica & Nick.

We’re going to build a music tempo based battle game such as Patapon.

My work before thursday is to finish the hit timing part.

I’ll keep updating.