Before IGF

In the past 2 weeks, I was working the following.

  1. Due to the scale change of the scene, changed distance judgement, certain “ui” like effects which are actually working in world coordinate. I have to manually tune each one of them because we don’t have a overall wrapper object to contain these relative changes.
  2. Due to the change of the animation that the suspect will now stand up and talk to you. The used logic for turning suspect towards the player will not take into effect appropriately anymore. The new logic ensures that the the code will know when the standing up animation is playing and make the turning together with standing up, which makes it very realistic that in real life no one take turning and stand up as two steps.
  3. Add a pause and play mechanics into the game with the corresponding ui.
  4. Rearranged every text position on our screen. When our game is being played, there will be 3 different sentences showing on the screen. They’re suspect replies, player sentence and also the word to prompt the player to speak. These words should not be overlapping with each other or ui. I rearrange the size and their position according to screen coordinates to achieve a better visual effect.
  5. I added in the prompt at the right timing for prompting the player to speak to the suspect. Also, out of dialogue prompting is added that the player will be guided and speak to the suspect to start the dialogue. This is an important part helping user know what should be done at when.
  6. Change plenty of minor parts in code to get better overall effects. Such as tuning the inter-sentence waiting time etc.

Hopefully we’re ready for IGF soon 🙂

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