End of Game Engine Course

So yesterday I submitted the final assignment for game engine class. I made a arknoid-like game which has a ball bouncing between paddles, walls and bricks.

From the start of the semester, I gradually increase the modules in the engine. My engine currently have 4 sub-systems. World system keeps track of the objects in the game, it act as the interface to the game that game can get certain objects by using FindByName helpers. It also has some initialization and end up cleaning functions. Collision system comes next. It deal with any possible collision between two objects using collision type and collision mask. It will find all collisions in frame time and process them, then update game depending on the result returned. Here the third system called physical system comes. It has physical update functions which is called by collision system to update the game for a certain amount of time. If there’s no collision in a certain frame, update function will direction advance the game into next frame. Renderer system stores textures for objects as well as keeping a list of renderable objects. It’s responsible for putting objects on the screen. There’s a final fifth major system in behind. That’s messaging system. It utilize function callbacks to call certain responders who have registered for a certain message when the message has been sent.

My engine works pretty well, and I hope it could get better after taking the AI class next semester.

End of Narrative

So the narrative class goes to an end. We polished our game book for another time before the final due time. I tried to modify my basic grammar problems, also add another ending to it.

I also played and gave feed back to 10 other people. Some of them are really good. I see my story need more direct description of dialogues. If not doing that, it’s just a plane story with no characteristics. I tried to do that in the end.

During the semester, I got the chance to see some really good story telling games like the wolf among us etc. Story telling should also be valued high in our future project. Our current police simulating game is a good platform to evolve plenty of plots by going into different branches. Hope we get the chance to add them.

summary for EAE day

We have a good exhibition on EAE day.

I also see problems we need to solve for the next coming period.

It’s worth noticing that the facial expression capture is too sensitive and response in real time. We possibly need to add an integral function to output a value representing a certain period, not one sample point. If so, there will be a much higher chance for players to be able to get a better control.

Also we need to continue working on voice analyzing, and body parameter capture system. What we were showing on EAE day is simply just facial expression capture system. Sound analyzing will be an interesting area I want to work on. Hope we can get started soon.