Helped out with the set-up of our game. Lots of fun.

I discovered a small trick to get people play our game: if you ask people passing by, a great chance would be an answer “no”; however, if you have someone playing the game already, even if it is your team member, many people would be watching by the side. Then when you ask them if they would like to have a try, the answer would be often be “yes”.

Controller vibration bug

Fixed this one together with Skip.

The issue was, if the player A enters player B’s territory, player B’s controller should vibrate. This should work perfectly, although there is a bug when I updated the code. However, the bug that I am suppose to fix is as following:

When player A is already standing on a neutral tile, and player B paint it, player B’s controller should vibrate but it is not right now, because the onCollisionEnter function only

It is fixed by adding raycast function to detect the standing floor and see if it is colored in the movement controller directly.

Fixed the entrance bug

We have a bug where the tile was colored before the player lands on it, if it is not the first round.

Tested my assumption and proved that it is because it was remembering the the collision tile in the previous round where the player is standing.

The fix is pretty simple comparing to locating what is the problem. Just made the last tile neutral before the next round starts. That fixed everything.

Spring break

A round bug was reported. The original design is best of three. However, the current game was messed up and have to have the players finish all three rounds to reach the end of game status. Also, the request is made to expose the biggest round to the unity editor so that it could be changed later.

I looked up the round count and it is quite easy to change the maximum round. However, it took a while to figure out how to expose the variable to the unity editor. Finally, I found the game setting class is the one that gets instantiated at the very beginning of the game and I made the maximum round variable carried to the proper position.

Bug is fixed.

GDC week

Met with my previous supervisor at Dreamworks.

Went to lots of interesting talk and presentation, including cinematics, game math and physics, and graphics.

Talked with lots of recruiters.

Got really tired and was sick at the end of GDC.


Animation play issue, again

Rob created the new female punk model and new animations. However, it does not play even for the simple idle animation.

After tedious troubleshooting through code, animation controller and movement controller. the bug lies in the the model and the animation files had different hierarchy, so that the animation does not play even in the preview window.

Rob had to re-create all the model again and everything plays nicely now.

New character animation trouble

Fixing bug for the animation controller this week. Somehow the jumping and shooting animation does not play any more.

It is easy to fix, someone changed the trigger name in the movement controller without letting the rest of the team know, which prevented the animation clips from playing.

I re-organized the triggers and deleted the unused layers and triggers, mostly the old animations for shooting, to make the interface more clear for later alterations.