I was thanksgiving break and everything was about to be done. We needed a break really bad

I ended up finishing animations for the new themed model. I had to provide the effect of balloon expanding and contracting down on the model as well . I did it with some deformers. For other animations i used joints.



More art meetings

We were called into the grad lounge for a presentation by one of our producers. It ended up being about why our theme is bad and we need to change it. The problem with this was that we had a few weeks to change everything for EAE day. While the presentation was fine, we artists didn’t appreciate the fact that this should have been brought up in September and not late November. There were some other issues with it as well, but we decided to go ahead and change the theme even with rejections from some of the art team.

We ended up going for a Utah mountain Red rock theme, which we have no research to know that this is what our gamer’s want in a game. So Reily did some more concepts which ended up being changing our previous stuff to all rocks and no candy. I was also not really satisfied on the new theme, bu worked on it as usual.

Pipeline Works

We had a quick art meeting to establish the pipeline and it seems workable enough. Reily drew one asset (multiple variations) to get through the pipeline and then I worked on texturing the asset when it went through him again. We chose to use the mountain below since it was the closest thing done in the models bin. Reily did several different variations and then gave the substance designers some notes as to what the material needed to feel like.

I was on rigging and animation and did a pretty good job on it



More art meetings

With the lack of communication we managed to make our IGF deadline with one level in the game as required.

We then again had an art meeting. This time to change our theme and make it different. And we decided to get done with all the assets for the next week. No matter how big they were. We also changed our theme from Wreck-It Ralph to something dark. We ended up going with mines and Bioshock Columbia skyscapers  in the sky type deal.

Fall Break

This wasnt a fall break for us. All of us were in the lab working on projects, IGF deadline. Somehow, during fall break our art team had a complete communication breakdown. I do not know why it happened or what caused it, but something in the pipeline messed it up. This affected the final game pretty bad.


We then managed to have meeting and work on it. I did some animation which worked fine.

Change of responsibility

Today we had meeting with Brian about the art in our game. Ths was the first official meeting we had since last semester. We had to assign each person on art track a responsibility. Earlier we all were doing modelling, texturing and other stuff, which caused issues.


This time Earl was given texturing in Substance (a new texturing pipeline), Adi was on modelling, Reily on concept art and me on rigging and animation


So far it was going good but the crunch time was going to come as IGF deadlines are nearing.

More vehicles …

The team wants more vehicles … And i was again on task to design a school bus. It took me a week to design it. Attached is the pic


Cartoony Bus
Cartoony Bus


This bus would later be textured. But in future this bus got converted to monster bus by Earl for the Halloween theme.


This week i started modelling cars based on the Reily’s concept. There were 8/9 cars. I started modelling one by one. Attached are the pics

Cartoony Car


This car would later be textured and added particle effects for smoke and explosions.