Yes. Best Game Yet.

I love our last game, Sumomentum. It’s my favorite game of the semester. Watch this trailer I made:

It was a huge hit in our final pitches and at the EAE Night open house. For our final pitch, we showed off the game by having the “1st Ever Sumomentum World Championships” between two of our best play testers. It was a big hit with the audience.

At EAE Night, our game was constantly being played and often had a crowd watching as well. I made a “List of Champions” and had it sitting out next to our game so people could record their names after five wins. I also set up a document that explained the controls and my team made it a desktop background on the computers the game was being shown on so that if our team wasn’t there to explain people could still enjoy the game. One kid sat and played it for a half-hour straight and almost refused to leave. It was literally the last game shut down at the event as the challenges just kept coming and people kept watching the matches unfold. Our professors, Bob and Roger, even got in on the action at the end, with huge crowd watching and cheering on the game.

This game makes me very excited for what we can accomplish with our thesis games starting next semester. I can’t wait to work on a bigger project and eventually publish. I feel like this semester has been great preparation and I know what needs to be done to make a fun, good game with a team. I’m very confident for my future at this point.

Here’s the Sumomentum team, Asia Punch Games. We were a good bunch.



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