Narrative and Textures

Our team continues to speed along as we keep refining and improving Maui.

Our big changes since last time are the addition of narrative elements and textures, as well as a AR game redesign (that isn’t yet implemented, unfortunately).

We learned some good lessons about motion controlled games using AR technology, namely, real-time action elements are basically impossible. The second the program loses sight of the image, the player freaks out trying to get it back and by the time they do too much time has passed the the player has either lost or close enough to have a terrible experience.

So we redesigned our AR games (yet again! Iteration!) to be more plug-n-play (as our artist Erica puts it), meaning you set up the pieces how you want, then tell it to run and see if things line up the way you expected. Sean and Aqeel, our dedicated designers, found a cool way for this to work thematically by having the AR games be a challenge to align the gods and help them to bring about the “circle of life.” For instance, Kane in the sky brings light and Kanaloa of the sea brings water to the field, which Lono helps to prosper as long as the people tend it with the excellence of Ku.

Pretty cool stuff.

As for narrative, you can check it out for yourself here:

As you can see, it’s coming right along! I still can’t believe how well it’s going. IGF, here we come!

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