Hawaiian Zelda

Hawaiian Zelda – those are the magic words that have sold our game to our professors finally.

We used this phrase to pitch our game to a couple recruiters from Infinity Ward that visited our studio today and it seemed to really work. We got to practice our pitch again with the CTO and CCO of Infinity Ward and it went ever better.

Perhaps the most rewarding part was talking to the professors and staff afterward who were listening in who suddenly seemed on board with our project more than ever and getting a better sense of our vision.

Since my last update, we’ve also professionalized this operation much more. Ben and I worked out a week-by-week, build-by-build schedule for our team to make it to IGF. The best part about it is we are currently on schedule! Look at that!

Also, our artists continue to be swamped so I’ve kept working on logos and other graphic design stuff. Thankfully, we finally settled on a title I think will work: Maui, which is both a recognizable, pronounceable Hawaiian word but also a common male name so we’re using it as the name of our main character and the title of our game. Here’s the logo I made:


We also have a team name! We’re Kokua Games. Kokua is a Hawaiian word that roughly means cooperation, but like all Hawaiian words it has multiple levels of meaning, which works for us–we’re working together to make the game, but we also are working with Hawaiian experts to make it great. We’re also hoping to inspire Hawaiians to cooperate and people who aren’t Hawaiian to cooperate better with Hawaiians and Hawaiian culture. Here’s a logo I threw together for that:


And with these I’ve developed a PowerPoint template for future presentations we have to do. Here’s some screens of that:



I’ve also started writing out the narrative and line-by-line script of the game, working very closely with Sean to make sure it flows with the game/level design and the culture.

There’s a ton going on right now, but it’s really rewarding to pitch the game and show early stuff and how positive reactions. We’ve got a lot of great forward momentum right now and I’m looking just to keep that ball rolling right into IGF and beyond.

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