Game Portfolio

Thesis Game – Full, Published Game Submitted as Thesis for Master’s Degree (In progress)

Ochre –¬†An adventure game of living petroglyphs controlled by physical cards held up to your device’s camera. Narratives inspired by real Native American legends and pre-historic rock art. – Creative Director


Rapid Prototyping Class – games made in small teams in 4 weeks or less

Sumomentum – Local multiplayer brawler where play style determines stats rather than character selection – Game Designer and Producer

Rockstar Factory – Educational game about debugging – Game Designer and Producer

Entropy – Missile Command iteration – Game Designer and Producer

Playable online here.

Glow – 2D action platformer – Game Designer, Level Designer, and Producer


Ebola Clinic – time management Ebola aid station education game – Consulting Designer


Other projects – done outside of school/on my own

Ludus Rhetoricae – Educational customizable card game about therms of rhetoric. Download and play here (PC only).

Cradle – historical text adventure about the locations and conditions for the beginnings of human civilization. Playable online here.

Go Viral! – prototype tabletop game about creating viral internet content

Every Day A Game – blog of game design ideas

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