EAE Day!

Well, we made it! The semester’s wrapped up and we had a great showing at this semester’s EAE Day. For 3 solid hours, I was demoing Maui with strangers from all over. I was so busy, in fact, that I didn’t even take any pictures. I literally don’t think there was a moment from the time it started to when it finished when there wasn’t someone to show the game to.

Feedback was very positive. To be honest, more positive than I was expecting. We had prototype versions of the new trials in and they were a big hit. One girl told me that Maui was her favorite game at the show – and she was an undergrad working on her own project!┬áThe negative feedback we got was a lot of stuff we already know – the game still doesn’t explain itself well, and there are a lot of moments where there isn’t the right feedback to help a player succeed.

For all of this and more, the mantra for next semester between Ben and I has already become “Polish and Publish.” We have a prototype final “dungeon” inside the mountain on top of the four trials we had in our EAE day build, and we’ve decided there’s just not enough time to do literally anything else. Our whole focus every day all day next semester is make this – THIS, as in what we have now – a publishable game. No new features. Just polish and publish.

Along with that, we’ll have to get a lot more serious about our public outreach. I’m already strategizing how to get our game out there so people will pay attention to it. That will also be a Day 1 priority for me next semester.

We’ve come quite a long way as a team this semester and I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. But there’s still quite a ways to go before we cross the finish line.

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