Good-bye Utah, Hello Hawaii

Well, we’re back in action and summer has brought us quite the present.

Apple bought Metaio, the AR engine we were using, and made it proprietary and basically did everything but delete the files off our machines. So we had a big problem.

In any scenario, we basically have to start over. So we took the opportunity to look at the problems facing our game other than just the AR tech troubles.

We realized that the more we asked about Navajo and Ute culture, the more we heard that they wouldn’t be very pleased with people not of their culture presuming to tell their stories. On top of that, our game felt like a loose collection of mini-games with nothing gluing them together. On top of all of that, our team felt pretty dead on our project as it was. Morale was very low and vision was completely gone.

So, we were bold and made a solution to all our problems that we’re now calling Naupaka and Kaui. Here’s some cool logo ideas!



I actually made these myself. Our artists are swamped with all their tasks so I took it upon myself to give us a working logo of some sort to start putting out there.

There’s a lot different about our new idea and it’s entirely different game, but it keeps the same core: retelling cultural legends accurately but in a fun way involving new mechanics and AR technology. We’ve invented an additional mechanic for our non-AR gameplay section we’re calling “the Grid.” It’s based on the actual relationship between the four main Hawaiian gods and represents calling up their favor according to your current needs and situation. More on that later!

It’s gonna be a fun few weeks before IGF submissions!