Thanks, EAE Fest!

Today was EAE Fest, and we had a great turnout! A lot of people came and enjoyed Ochre. Check it out!

View of all EAE Fest today


Tons of people played Ochre!


Check it out in action!

And here’s the actual gameplay that shows everything we have so far.


It’s been a great experience getting the game this far. We have a lot of exciting ideas to take this game to the next level.

Thanks to everyone who’s played and supported the game so far!

Poster and Videos

Behold, a poster for our game:



Behold, some update videos:

We’re coming along. The camera actually works. We showed it off a the ACM Indie Games Festival last week and it went pretty well.

Our problem now is getting actually interesting game design back in the mix with the new theme and new tech. We have lots of ideas, it’s just a matter of time before we get them back in there.

Go Team

The best part of game development is great teams.

I had no idea what to do coming in today. We were pretty lost about which direction would be best to take. But it turns out a bunch of our team was doing some hardcore homework playing games, taking tasks, etc. and suddenly we’re not only on track, but farther than I expected we could be today.

As people were owning their own jobs,  I felt much more confident in mine, too. It was a lot easier to make decisions as people had really researched out their ideas, and as everything got settled I could finally write some of the narrative out for our game, which I haven’t been able to get to before. I’m totally confident in our group again.

This is especially nice considering that yesterday in Production Class we spent like a third of the class with everyone just giving us advice and helping our team specifically. So it’s good to see all the good will and help turning into solid work being done.

We’re gonna make it.

Talking to Floyd O’Neil

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted anything. Sorry about that.

Things are basically on the same track, and we’ve had GDC and spring break trip us up in between, but we’ve made good progress.

We’re working with a Ute tale we found in a book called “The Boy and the Giant” about a chief whose four daughters get kidnapped and four brothers go to save them from, in order, a buffalo, a bear, a mountain lion, and a giant. In each room, the youngest brother finds the beast’s heart and uses it to defeat the beast before saving the daughter and moving on. It seemed very video game ready so we jumped for it.

This week we’ve made two trips up to the American West Center to talk to Floyd O’Neil, the director emeritus. We didn’t catch him the first time because he had the power go out in his house and was working on getting it fixed, but we met a couple other people who gave us a lot of good info. Today, we actually met with Floyd himself and got a lot of good feedback.

Basically, we’ve learned that cave and rock art are pretty much totally separate from modern tribes and nations so we need to pick one or the other. Our current plan is to finish the boy and giant story and say it’s a Ute tale retold in the style of cave art, and then use other existing cave art scenes as the basis for other levels.

Fun stuff! Lots of work, but we’re making lots of progress.