The Iteration Games

Our game keeps evolving like a virus. That makes it sound bad but it isn’t, I promise. We just keep looking for ways to make using the camera and shape recognition fun in a game.

We started with Plato’s Cave, as I’ve shown you. Then we went to Ochre, the Native American cave painting game. By the way, check that out here:

But now forget that, because now we’re going with Ninja Tactics (not a title, just a theme), where you select ninja units and hold up hand gestures to command them–because ninjas really did have hand gestures in real life for reals. How cool is that?

I’m proud of my team for being so flexible. We’re really just searching for the best game we can make here.  I’m excited about where we’re going.

GDC! Thesis Game!

Today is the beginning of GDC and I just realized I’ve been so busy that I haven’t updated my blog.

My thesis game idea got picked! That makes me team lead, designer, and producer on Ochre, a Native American-inspired adventure game set in a world of cave paintings that come to life as the player interacts with them via their device’s camera.

We’re still not sure how to best implement the camera, so we’re working on it. Here at GDC we’ll ask everyone we can for advice on how to make this game great.