Spring 2015 – Week 9 / March 10-12

We’re as artists assigned different things such as weapons, environment, and particle effects. I’m working on the characters. Whole week I worked on the concept for the characters. And finally we decided to go with robot animals. Big heads, small bodies, and tails also with some kind of armors or some gears that give them 360 degree vision… And also we decided to go with a cartoony, bright color style by contrast with most of the existing first person shooters.


characters MechaChibiNinjaPanda-katana 2014-new-arrived-cartoon-big-font-b-head-b-font-Hippo-font-b-plush-b-font stock-vector-vector-cartoon-cat-with-big-head-and-eyes-retro-rainbow-background-20165236

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