Spring 2015 – Week 8 / March 3-5

My first GDC experience was so good. It was very tired and a long week with full of activities, games, new technologies and surrounded by the great people in any levels in the game industry. I wish I would be there longer and with more equipped (my completed portfolio). It was such a great experience that now I know what they expect from the good or perfect portfolio so I can be more prepared for the next year and also for the job applications.

What I learned from GDC talks and the people I talked about portfolio is I really have to work hard on my portfolio. The most important portfolio trick is put only your best works there, because they are going to judge or remind you with your worst piece in your portfolio. Another important thing about portfolio is customize your portfolio according to the job you are applying for. In other words, don’t put your character designs if you are applying for the environment art position.

Meeting with Blizzard and Sony artists and developers was the interesting experiment for me. Learning about how the thins work in the industry and listening about some experiences while they were in our positions were the best part to share.

Companies that do translations are looking for the people. Also, networking, analyzing companies are looking for the designers and engineers. I talked to two Polish people who work for the casino game industry and they talked about the job opportunities in that field.



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