Spring 2015 – Week 4 / February 3-5

This week is one of the big crunch times of this semester. We are working hard on the build for the next week’s big presentation “Industry Panel”. I’m still working on the narrative and the art assets even though we cannot put art assets in the build yet.  

Spring 2015 – Week 3 / January 27-29

Spring 2015 - Week 3 / January 27-29

I’m in 4D team. We are making a 4th Dimension game. By the way what is 4D? Oooopps we need to figure out how to explain 4D to the others but first to us. 😀 Our game is a puzzle game which you can manipulate environment to solve it. We are trying to figure out […]

Week 16 / December 8 – 12

This is the last week of the project and this semester. We are still working on level design, texturing, and modeling. We’re finally putting everything together in Unreal. We had many problems and worked on the level design till the night before our final pitch. Thankfully, everything went well and here is my last prototype:

Week 15 / December 1 – 5

The crunch time started this week, especially on the art side. We couldn’t do much for the last two weeks and now we have to work harder than ever. I’m working on modeling the environment and simultaneously trying to figure out Unreal.

Week 14 / November 24 – 28

We tried different mechanics last week. According to last week’s experiences, we are still working on improving the mechanics and the art theme of the game. The artists have started to work on modeling and painting textures, but there are still not too many things going on on the art side of things.

Week 13 / November 17 – 21

Week 13 / November 17 – 21

This week we started working on our last prototype. In this project we are using Unreal to create our games. In this prototype we did something different to create the teams. This time the team assignment wasn’t randomized; instead, we formed the teams ourselves and chose the theme that we want to work on. We […]

Week 12 / November 10 – 14

This is the final week of the project. We are still working on fixing the problems and art assets in Unity. We’re finally done with this project and overall we have really good reviews. YAY!!! This is our game so far: