We had a meeting this week about the camera view. This has been a hot-button issue on the team for a while and it has finally come to a head. One member of the team wants a fixed camera system similar to the Spy vs Spy game (the camera stays at a fixed height and angle in relation to the player) and another one knows there is a problem, but doesn’t seem to have a good solution one way or another. I came into the meeting a bit late so I had to watch some gameplay videos of Spy vs Spy. I sat down next to Skip, one of our engineers, and watched the video while I listened to the discussion. While I listened I thought to myself, “You know what, our game kind of reminds me of Splatoon (not a very unique thought, I know). I wonder how they solved their camera problems.” So I found a Splatoon gameplay video and watched it for a while. Then I showed it to Skip and said to him that they solved it by making everything the camera clipped through transparent. At the time, the camera would not clip through the environment. Instead, it would be pushed to an awkward angle by the environment. After he started watching the video we both noticed other things like the camera was at a lower angle as if it was looking down the sights of the gun from behind the character. This gave the player a great view of the world and an excellent sight picture, making it easier to aim than the system we currently had in place. Skip started writing everything down and added a couple of his own observations. When there was a break in the conversation, he calmly told the group about our discovery and gave them a plan of attack that made far too much sense for the rest of the group to contradict.

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