Super Bomb

I had a fun time this week playing the game and tweaking some of the values. Rody and I would play and Skip would change the game based on all of our observations to see if we could make it more fun. One of the best changes (that probably won’t end up in the final game) was when Skip changed the amount of tiles that change to your color when you drop a fully charged bomb. The first time he made the change we started the round and Rody only used his gun and I only used the bomb. When I got the bomb fully charged I dropped it and ran away, expecting it to switch about twice as many as normal to my color. I waited for a couple of seconds (I don’t know what Rody was doing at the time. Maybe tying his shoe) and all at once, almost every tile immediately turned to my color. The game was chugging for a couple of seconds because of so much happening all at once, but once it got back up to a proper frame rate, I made them all disappear and we both died. But it was so much fun that we had to do it again. We talked about potentially having a super-bomb in the game and about things that we could do to balance it out with the other player. We ended up reverting the changes we made, but it was one of the most entertaining design sessions I’ve had this semester. I hope there are more to come.

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