Skeeeee whomp

I think I’ve figured out what I’m going to do with the sound. The theme for the game is based on the recent DDoS attacks that have been getting a lot of coverage lately. I was trying to think of how to translate something that doesn’t make any sound (like a DDoS attack) into sound and while I was looking through my audio library, I came across the sound of the old dial-up modem and I thought to myself, “I could do something with that.”

Dial-up sound:

While I know that it is a somewhat antiquated sound that doesn’t have much to do with the DDoS attacks specifically, it is a sound that is universally associated with the internet, so I decided to use it. In order to make the whole process a little more interesting and to challenge myself a little bit, I decided to make all the sounds in the game, including the music, using only that sound as source material. It is a good sound to use as a starting place because it has the two basic elements that I will need to create just about everything that I’ll need for the game. It has both tonal elements and noise elements. If I wanted to, I could make these elements out of just about anything by over-compressing a signal until it creates noise or by over-equalizing a signal until I get a tone, but since this sound already has both elements I can keep more of the original timbre intact thus making the sound more uniquely “dial-up” sounding. I like that.

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