New Music System

All right, I’ve rebuilt the music system and rewrote the music so that it will be responsive in the right ways to the music system. The original system was built horizontally, meaning that the music is just one big long piece that jumps from one section of the piece to the next when triggered by different values of the parameter. This style of music system gives you a great result when you are trying to build a system that builds to a climax, like a countdown timer. The tradeoff comes when a change in the music happens, that change doesn’t happen for 1 or 2 measures because it would sound odd musically if the changes happened instantaneously. We have since decided to base the dynamic music on the distance between the players and since this is changing constantly, and sometimes very quickly, the horizontal system would never respond quickly enough to be useful in that situation. So instead I built a vertical system. A vertical music system is built from stems of a piece of music, or separate instruments stacked on top of one another. In this case the instruments are put together in such a way that when the players are far apart, the music is sparse and when the players are close the music has all the instruments playing together. But one could build the system in such a way as to trigger any combination of instruments at any time. The benefit of this type of system is that it is very responsive to changes. If you had a game that you had to switch from an exploring mode to an enemy attack mode quickly, this is the type of system that you would use.

Even though we were able to get the music written to accommodate the new system, and build the new system, we weren’t able to get the music to work in the game. This needs to happen very soon, or there won’t be any music in the Desura build.

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