It Works!

This week I was able to finally finish the sounds that I created with the modem sound. I also created all the FMOD events so the sound could be played with the appropriate behavior in the game. There are a couple sounds that I wanted to mention quickly, because I really liked the way they turned out, though it’s hard to let you listen to the final version because the final version only exist in FMOD and the game right now.

After making the sounds in Pro Tools and making sure they looped seamlessly, I imported them into FMOD and got to work. In both FMOD events I used the Autopitch feature in FMOD (I think I mentioned this earlier when I talked about the character speed changes. I made that sound a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t seen it in the game until now. The other sound I wanted to talk about is the bomb charging sound. I went through such a process that I can’t remember exactly how I made the original sound, but when I put it in FMOD and attached the Autopitch parameter, it played almost perfectly the first time. Everything looped beautifully and when you use the bomb charging button in the game the sound starts off slow then builds in energy until it finally stops at its highest pitch. Then it stays there, indicating that your bomb is fully charged. I guess this isn’t exactly life changing for most people, but I was pretty stoked when the behavior worked correctly. I like when stuff works.

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