Hostile Territory was officially published on Desura this week. We were even on the front page for a while, though I think they do that for all their new games. Still cool. This happened just in time for EAE Day as well. I think that means that almost all of the games are published now and All Is Dust is rocking it on Steam, so it’s only a matter of time for them.

EAE day was awesome. It was amazing to see everyone enjoying all the games so much and I don’t recall another one of these events with so many polished, fun-to-play games from the master’s students and the undergraduates and the GApp lab and a bunch of people that just made games. There were several student games that I would probably buy, even if I didn’t go to the same school as they do. My son keeps bugging me about getting Hostile Territory (he likes changing the colors) and Melter Man (he likes building things out of the ice). I think some of the games that showed the best were Hostile Territory and that dungeon game that was like playing Pokemon on twitch. Both of them weren’t the most complex games in the world, but in a situation like EAE day they really shined. The dungeon one shined because it is only really fun when you get a group of 3 or more people, but once you do it is extremely fun and once a group of people start having fun like that, others join in and it gets even better.

Hostile Territory showed so well because it is easy to pick up and understand and it has short, intense play sessions. It’s weakness on Desura is that it is a 2 person game, but at an event like this, finding people to pick up the game and play with you is not a problem.

I think that EAE day was a fitting final celebration of these games.

I’m gonna miss these people.

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