Monthly Archives: January 2015

Time Keeps on Slippin’

This week I tried to solidify my role in the group, but that seems to be a difficult thing to do. I have joined a group that is running pretty smoothly and because of this, there isn’t much space for an extra person. So I decided that besides sound, I will do what I can to relieve any undue pressure felt by any of the producers by helping them do their jobs wether it is helping with design docs for the design lead or helping with assigning hansoft tasks for the producer lead and so forth. Hopefully after a couple of weeks, I’ll be able to find the place where I fit in the best.

As for sound. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I don’t think I will be able to learn Wwise well enough in the time that we have in order to do what I want to with the sound in the game. Especially not by the time GDC comes around. So, even though I really wanted to learn Wwise better, I’m afraid we’ll probably have to stick with FMOD due to time constraints. That’s okay though. In a semester that is going to be stressful enough, this will relieve a great deal of stress.

I did figure out, at least in part, what I want to do with the sound in the game. I want both the weapons and the music to change their sound depending on the progress of the game and I also want them to stay in the same key as each other. In other words, when the music changes chords from C major to F minor, the pitch of the weapons will follow so every sound in the game will be related musically to each other. Other games have done similar things with the sound and music, like Peggle 2 and Super Mario Galaxy and Rayman Origins. They all made things that happen in the game match the key and chord of the music that is playing. I hope to take what the sound designers did in those games and add a little bit more to it. I’ll explain later how I plan to do it, but for right now, I’m very excited to have a direction to go and a problem to figure out.

We meet again…For the last time

After making a proposal to the inventions committee at EA, I was able to convince them that they should let me work on student projects and finish my degree since I’m only 7 credits away. So I am back in projects class, but on a different team. The Inventions Committee had a problem with me working on All is Dust, so I had to choose another team. Hostile Territory seemed to have more need for sound than the other teams, so I joined them and started on the home stretch to finish their game.

Hostile Territory is a 3rd person shooter where your weapons effect the environment around you instead of your enemy. When you shoot at your environment, the material the floor is made out of changes color to indicate that you have claimed that territory. Once you have territory, you can remove it at strategic moments causing your enemy to fall through the floor into oblivion.

My role on this team is still kind of in flux since I am new, so this week I made some design docs for ideas that I have, and I got started researching Wwise and the possibility of using it as a tool to implement audio into our game. Over the weekend I got certified in Wwise and next week I plan to figure out how to get it working with Unity. I also need to figure out how to use sound in not only an effective way, but a way that will help the game get more attention, if possible. I’m sure we’ll figure something out.