Monthly Archives: December 2014

A Little Slice of Crunch

I got my first overtime pay this week and also learned that salaried workers don’t get paid overtime. I’m sure this is probably pretty obvious to most of you out there, but I’ve never really thought about it until now. Up to this point in my life, I’ve only ever worked in jobs that are paid by the hour or by the project. I’ve never had a salary job. Hopefully that will happen soon enough. The reason for the overtime was caused by a little bit of a planning snafu. The fact that in many situations the audio team cannot act until many other elements of the game have made it through the pipeline was not considered at the beginning of the sprint, so we had a lot to do right at the end of the sprint when all our tasks began to be unblocked at the same time and deadlines started to come due as well. It wasn’t too much overtime, but it could probably be avoided in the future with a little bit of planning and communication. We’ll make it a goal for the next sprint.

The Other Team

The company hired an outside group to create the mini games and we are providing them any audio support that they may need. I’m always learning more and more about how the process around here works, but this kind of threw a wrench into how I think about the approval process that I’ve used up to this point here. It will likely take some time to learn what the priorities are and how the approval system works with these new outside entities. Happily there is already a solid communication system in place so we will hopefully be able to stay on top of any foreseeable problems.


I really wish I could talk about the game. These posts would be much longer if I could. Sorry.


So I started writing music for some mini games this week and I think I’m enjoying it a bit too much. I have a capable computer chock full of virtual instruments to play with all day. What more could I want. There are meetings here and there that interrupt the process, but overall it has been a blissful, music-filled couple of days. There have been a couple of hang-ups though. We’re not sure what style to write the music in. I just realized that I can’t adequately explain why without potentially giving away too much information about the game. Sufficed to say, we eventually arrived at some pretty effective music and I’m pretty excited to keep writing more using the tools provided. It’s like playing all day long! Yay!