Monthly Archives: October 2014

Loose Ends

I am working overtime this week to get everything done before the 27th. I’ve already completed everything that Hostile Territory asked for in the creation of their little daemon ammunition. I also created and gave them as many options for vocalizations as I could possibly get done, so hopefully they won’t need anything new for some time. For All is Dust, I finished my audio system that mixes the music, atmospheric sound, and sound design into one event that tracks the location of the nearest scarecrow and reacts with the appropriate emotional content. I also facilitated some meetings with my replacement on the Skull Jelly project so they can have what they need as well. They didn’t need too much right away so my replacement said that he could take care of all the sounds necessary for that game. Hopefully that will all turn out okay. Oh, just so you know, as a contractor for EA Salt Lake, I can work on outside game projects, it’s just that anything I work on is the property of EA. As I don’t want to cause my teams any undue legal hassles, I will not be working on any of the games after the 27th of October. It deeply saddens me that I cannot see these projects through to completion. I hope the teams are able to meet the level of quality that they are striving for sonically and otherwise. I wish them all the best.


Well, I have some news this week. I have been hired to work at EA Salt Lake as an Audio Designer. Not an intern or an associate designer, but an Audio Designer. I’m not sure how this happened but it definitely changes things. I’m not sure yet what their policy is on working on outside projects, but I imagine that student projects should be okay, as long as I’m not getting paid for them. I’ll have to contact EA and find out for sure what the contract looks like and what restrictions I will have to work under. I start on the 27th of October, so until then, I will work under the assumption that I won’t be able to work on any of the student games after that point. I have been trying to put together an audio team of sorts to take care of the sound in the event that I wouldn’t be able to keep working on any of the thesis games (I’ve had about a month and a half of interviews, so I’ve known for a while that there was the possibility that I could get hired soon). So over the next week or so, I will do what I can to fulfill my obligations to the teams I am currently working with and hopefully leave them in as capable hands as possible. We’ll see how that goes.


Just got back from GameSoundCon and I must say that I learned a ton. I spent most of my time in the FMOD tutorials learning everything I could about that program and how to use it to make the game sound as interesting as possible. I must say, my eyes were opened. I learned about nested events and the power that they have to create complex audio systems for your game that can be very simple to implement (or so they say. We’ll see for ourselves soon enough). A nested event is an FMOD event that you create with its own behaviors that you place inside another event in order to add more behaviors and that new event can be placed inside another one and another one and another one creating an infinite level of complexity. I’ve already got some ideas on how I can use it on our game in order to create a behavior that will make the scarecrow a little more ominous. I’m going into uncharted territory now, so I hope we can get it working.

Stick To It

Although there are still some rough edges in our process, it’s nice to finally have one. I feel that the communication between departments is greatly improved and design ideas are filtering down more efficiently and effectively. We should have something presentable for the IGF submission date, though I don’t think we will be at a level high enough to be chosen as one of the 10 winners by then. Hopefully we can stick to the process and iterate on our original idea in order to develop a game worthy of being one of the 10 winners. There is a lot of work left to do though. I have a sound conference that I am going to next week and I am planning to do nothing else but learn more about FMOD so that we can have the best sound possible using the tools that we have. Hopefully that will help.