Fall 2015 EAE Day

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Apparently we need at least 8 blog posts for the semester by tonight so I’m going to write a few more quickly today. This one is about my EAE Day experience, the next one will be a more in-depth discussion of my winter break plans, and the last one will be looking forward to next semester and my plans for the summer and beyond. I hope that someone finds them entertaining and useful some day.

EAE Day went well for my team but I wouldn’t say it went perfectly. Our engineers and artists were able to put together a great new tutorial for the game but it would break every time we made a new build so we had to run it in Unity. So we had two computers running an older build and two computers with the newer tutorial but in Unity, which was unfortunate. Nevertheless, people really seemed to enjoy the game and we got a lot of great feedback.

Two kids even came back a few times to replay the game. We still had to explain how the game works to almost everyone but we’re slowly figuring out how to alleviate that. A lot of people asked me when and where we plan to publish the game and that was really exciting. The majority of people said it’s a really interesting concept that just needs a lot of tuning, which is pretty much what we think at this point.

Laurie had an event that took precedence over EAE Day so I was the only producer on my team for the show. I was exhausted by the end but I had a lot of fun too even after almost four hours of standing and talking. Most often I talked to younger students who were either in the program or just really interested in games, and it was really rewarding to see their faces light up when they realized how our game works and the potential of such a cool idea.


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