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Feedback and Polish

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Well, it’s hard to believe, but there’s only one week of classes left. This semester has been even more of a blur than the first one. For my part, I don’t have much left to do other than make sure the game gets done before next Tuesday, the day of EAE Fest. We have almost […]

Sneaking Up

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Our game has changed a lot since last week, and most of those changes I think have been for the better. Ankur was able to fully develop an AI system to control NPCs, so were able to implement that and create a stealth level. We think that a stealth game gives us a really good, […]

Processing Process

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I’m behind again on posts obviously, but this will still just be a quick one. My role on the team right now has mostly been about facilitating tasks for the team, making sure everyone has something to do, and making those tasks clear and accessible via Asana. I really like Asana as a management platform. […]