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Paradigm Shift

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Well, it’s been over a week since Team Jazz Fighter pitched Battle Ballads, and unfortunately we’re no longer working on the project. We got some encouraging feedback from the industry panel, but many individuals felt we needed a stronger concept and pitch, and I’m inclined to agree with them. I really feel our idea was […]

Thesis Prototype Complete! Encore?

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It’s over! We finally pitched our prototype, Battle Ballads, before an industry panel of about 18 people. During the days leading up to the presentation, I worked harder than I’ve ever had to on a prototype before, and we all stressed out a lot. I really got to be a designer on this game though, […]

Thesis Prototype Update: Inharmony

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So the pitch went over more than a little like a lead balloon. I was confident we would do well beforehand but Roger and Bob had very different ideas of how the game should be presented. The pitch was also confusing, unfortunately. We tried to use terms like “RPG” to describe different gameplay aspects and […]

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Thesis Prototypes Update: Dissonance

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We’ve had a few setbacks this past week, but overall we’ve made progress. People got sick, data was lost and found again, and the overall concept of the game proved confusing and hard to talk about. But we got to a point of understanding eventually, and now we’re a mere day away from the initial […]