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Thesis Prototypes Update: A Musical Turn

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Well, we got through yesterday relatively unscathed, it seems. The transgender game didn’t end up pulling off, so I jumped ship to the music improv battle game that already had a bunch of key members. I haven’t worked with most of them before, and the game was my second choice, so I’m really excited to […]

Protomen (and women)

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Well, the day is almost here. Tomorrow, we’ll finalize our prototype teams, and feelings might just end up getting hurt. I feel like most people have a clear idea of what team and game they want to be on, though. My first choice is¬†Laurie’s idea for a game about being transgender or feeling like you’re […]

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Fever Pitches

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Well, we’re back in the swing of things, and it’s like last semester never ended. Somehow, I’m more busy right now than I was before, and I don’t think the load will lighten any time soon. I’m already a couple weeks behind on these blog posts, so time to get back on track. Very soon, […]

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End of Winter Break, Looking Forward

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Well, I go back to school tomorrow. Let’s see what goals I met over break and to what capacity: 1. Play a lot of text adventures and write one of my own with¬†Inform7 This ended up falling through. I did mess with Inform7 a little more, but I mostly lost interest in this. I would […]