2015-2016 Winter Break Plans

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As I said in my wrap up post for this semester, I’m planning on applying for a lot of jobs and internships over the next four weeks and I hope something comes out of that. I’ve already identified a couple positions I want to apply for, namely a QA tester position at InXile and a level design internship at Eat Sleep Play. By the time the end of the spring semester rolls around it will be pretty late to find a job so I figure the sooner the better. I’m working a part time job at a call center for the hard-of-hearing called CaptionCall during school so if I don’t find another job before I graduate I can always fall back on that but I would obviously much rather find something that suits my abilities and education better, be that something related to music, video games, writing, or otherwise.

Other than job hunting, I’m planning to do a lot of things on my own to increase my designer skills and hopefully make myself more marketable. I’m planning on taking Experimental Gameplay and Virtual Worlds next semester, so I’m basically forcing myself to acquire the skills necessary to create my own games and levels. The biggest hurdle for me will be to get a lot better at scripting but I could just focus on an engine that doesn’t require a lot of coding or none at all like GameMaker or Construct 2. I think I have a leg up on some people when it comes to level design in 2D spaces but 3D still poses a big problem for me. Not that I don’t have ideas or know what I want to do but 3D level editor interfaces are usually horribly hard to learn and non-intuitive. I’m having some success with Valve’s Hammer editor for CS:GO though despite how buggy it is so I’m definitely going to pursue that further.

I still really want to get better at programming though so I’m going to continue to do C# tutorials and apply some of those lessons to my own Unity creations. I’ve also always been interested in game narrative and text adventures too so I have a long list of interactive fiction I want to play through and I’m working on a couple of my own Twine ideas. I have a list of game literature I’m working through as well, and I really enjoy learning more about design, theory, or history through published books or articles. Lastly, at least as far as most of my game projects go, I really hope to finish my Wizardry 8 Let’s Play video series before we go back to school. It’s taken me over two years to get through most of it but I’m finally near the end of the game and finishing it will mean a lot to me personally even though it’s not directly related to my education or my career. See you on the next level.

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