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Prototype #4 Update: Unreal Surfers

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Another week, another prototype. For this last one, we’ve been given more freedom than ever before. The engine? Unreal 4 (pause while everyone cheers). The topic? Anything we want. The teams? Whoever we want, as long as we have at least one producer, artist, and engineer. We’ve finally been set free to create a game […]


Prototype #3 Complete! Time to Soar

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It’s a testament to just how busy I am right now that I didn’t post at all last week or the week before. Homework is killing me right now, and I just got a part time job that has taken up the rest of my free time. So I’m a little stressed out right now. […]

Prototype #3 Update: Smooth Sailing

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Not much happened last week in terms of prototype changes. My team’s been making steady progress and I still feel really good about our idea. I was sick with food poisoning last Tuesday so I stayed home and tried to find more information on games with similar mechanics to ours. Roger gave us a long […]