Apr 24

This week we finally submit our game into greenlight and now we just need to wait for people’s review and hope to get through it.
Next week would be EAE day, and we also go into the final step of our game, although we know there are still some little things we can polish and improve it, but we still glad to publish the game before we graduate. This week, most of our team members are gone and those who show in the class are doing our own things, only when there are something happened and need us to fix that. Continue reading

Apr 17

This week is the week before last all hands meeting. Next week’s all hands we are going to practice our defense in front of Ryan and Jose. I have never defense for my degree before, even in my undergraduate. How I get my degree of my undergraduate is just take classes and I don’t need to write papers and defenses, so this is a new experience for me, which makes me feel nervous. The good thing is we don’t need to do the whole presentation for the all time. We just need to do the group defense. With team members on the side, which will makes me feel better. Continue reading

Apr 10

Our team decided to publish our game next week, which means every final polish should be finish this week at least before next Tuesday. At least we want to make the light map instead of use rendered “fake” light map to put it in the texture. Since we postpone the making light until this time. I think we have some time arrangement issue, we think we should finish all settings and then doing the light map. But there is no “last” time to show we finish the settings, we keep refine it and  then we keep postpone doing the light map thing. Continue reading

Apr 3

This week I start to doing the light map work. Tyler and me separate the works into two part. He was doing the lighting of the house, and after he finish lighting, I was start doing the light map of it. So this week, most of time I was trying to get my old document I made when we were doing the mannequin game. I spent some time to wait for Tyler, I think it was not a good decision for me, since although I still work, but I think I waste some time to wait which for this time I should start trying to import light map into the Unity, I should think of there might some changes for the importing condition from Maya to Unity.  Continue reading

Little process

So this week we didn’t move on to big step, since for now we just want to keep iterating it to what we like to see when we publish the game. To the process of publishing the game, it will cost some times to wait until it get approval, so our team want to publish it maybe next week or the week after next week, which means we don’t want to make a big change on the game that may cause more problem. Actually, after the GDC, Continue reading

Back from GDC

Last week is GDC week, we showed our game to the public in our booth, hoped to get more feedback from them. After we come back, Jinghui summarize some advice and gave to everyone, Kehan also made a new prototype and show to the whole team what else we can do from now and before we graduate. Continue reading

Feb 20

This week is the week before we go to GDC, we almost done for the build we are going to show in the conference. And I finish the first setting of the house.

From this setting, I learned from this that the logically arrangement of the furniture. I am from a country which is seldom to use the rugs. All rugs we are going to use is just for decoration. From my childhood, the rugs I saw is always under table or bed, the function for them is protect the wood floor from hurt by the legs of bed or table. Now I realized the difference between the culture, rugs for here is keep warm to people, so it should be on the way people will pass through. That’s why the rugs in the picture above is all on the way people will cross. And I also put the table in front of the fireplace, which we think it will make sense to the character in our game, since people are tend to get close to the warm place. Besides, we put the table on the center of the house, hope to help the player to see the key clue we want to show to the player.