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Thesis Game work log # 20,0152

Well to be honest I haven’t done a whole bunch of art except for a few UI menus and like three particle system effects and some concept art for the redesign of the player’s avatar but I have not be idle at all.  Since we are so close to the end of the semester I’ve jumped in feet first into fixing game play problems, really I’ve put on two hats game designer and producer.  So the main thing we just got fixed today is what the player sees.  So our game is all about control of the environment, you claim tiles as your own and then at the right moment you blow up the tiles causing your opponent to fall thru the floor to his or her oblivion!  Of course you opponent is running around all over the place trying to do the same to you so its vitally important for you to see where your opponent is if you are to have any hope of taking out the tiles beneath her.  Welllll have the time our camera was doing a close up of the avatars buttocks.  and the other half of the time was looking somewhere where the opponent was not.  Seems like a pretty straightforward fix right?  Just pull the camera back so you can see more of the playspace.  Welllll we did fix it today YAY!  I directed the changes and the very amazing and super talented dynamic duo Skip Fowler and Rob Guest got it DONE!  I’m happy 🙂  Now on to targeting accuracy, when that gets fixed we will be golden or gold:)

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