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I’m and old dog, I’m long in the tooth a hardened veteran of many a game project both published and otherwise (probably 18+ serious projects) and even I can learn a few new tricks.  Stepping back into the world of academia as a student after years and years in the industry is frankly, weird.  I’ve got at least 20 years or more on all my fellow students, I feel rather like the wizened uncle, reaching into my trove of industry knowledge to dispense a few choice gems to my younger counterparts.  As for my “younger counterparts” well they are cool to a fault, and have taken me into their group with no prejudice whatever for my age…. frankly they are just the best and I love coming to class, it may not be the fountain of youth, but its pretty darn close.  For my part, even though I’ve seen a lot, there is still much to learn.  I’m gaining a depth of fundamental game design theory that I never got while siloed in the “industry.”  When I’ve graduated I’m tempted to slough off my artistic persona, and try to re-invent myself as a bona fide game designer…. it’s a dream, a scary, very risky dream, but hey a guy can dream.  Anyway, even though I am an old dog, I have learned a few tricks, or resurrected old ones, like….. particle systems.  I haven’t made an effect in well since 2003.  We have, in point of fact, a microscopic art team.  Just me and my stalwart companion Rob, so all the art tasks that one must complete to make a game falls to just us two…. I like new tricks, I like to learn… so its particle systems in Unity, YEE HAW!

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