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Monthly Archives: February 2015

game poster

These past few weeks I’ve picked up the particle system baton again.  Particle systems are important to games since they can provide a whole bunch of juice.  I made a bunch of particle system effects for the Spy vs. Spy and Robotech invasion games I worked on for Vicious Cycle Software back in the day, I also contributed some explosions and muzzle flashes for Snoopy Flying Ace.

I have to say that the craziest request I ever got for an effect, although not strictly a particle effect was to make the Aurora Borealis for one of the levels for Robotech… the level was wanting in a lot of ways but I have to say that the Aurora Borealis effect looked decent.

Anyway I’m digging into particles again for the game my college buddies and I are working on.  We are making our game in Unity and I have to say that making particle systems is a bit like learning to ride a bike.  I’ve now worked in three particle system editors, VCS, SBI and now Unity and they are pretty much the same editors.  The buttons and text fields are in different positions, but all the functionality is pretty much the same.  So I’m back on the bike making virtual explosions and other wondrous effects and I have to say I’m rather enjoying it.