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Monthly Archives: December 2014

I think creativity  can be thought in terms of improv, you know like improv theater.  All of the  improv comedy sketches I’ve seen start with the moderator saying something like “we need a volunteer from the audience, a score from a popular movie and a ball from a popular sport.”  This invitation is offered to the audience and pretty soon there is a nice young man standing on stage with the actors, we have the score from Jaws and a football …. and then the actors go to town.  The volunteer from the audience, the movie music, and the football function as a delineated space with which the actors are obliged improvise within.  In the case of improv theater the purpose of the entire exercise is to make us laugh and to entertain,  however I think this method or process is an essential and vital part of all creative endeavors.  The trick is to figure out what your constraints are, what your creative corral is.  In the case of our improv troupe, the comedic talent and the skills of the actors is required for a successful performance, however without the presence of a creative corral the actors skills would be bereft of context and therefore any performance attempted would have no meaning.  The visual artist must also figure out what her creative corral is.  Color, composition, media, theme, audience, tools, visual influences, mood, skill and talent all serve to define a creative space with which the visual artist is obliged to work within in order to create new art.  While the actors at the improv theater have their creative parameters defined by the audience, the visual artist, to a large extent, has to figure this our on her own.  This concept of a defined creative space can also be applied to games.  At a very fundamental level, a game is also a place where people can express their creativity.  But in order to make the play/creative experience meaningful a creative space must first be constructed.  For games this creative space is typically defined by but not always limited to rules, mechanics, game board, play field, number of players etc.  Again without these sorts of defining constraints the players have no place to play and their ambitions for creativity are left unfulfilled.  So creativity is an improvisational act performed within established parameters, and to a large extent the success of any creative endeavor is determined by how well a creator fashions her creative corral.