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Monthly Archives: October 2013

These are variations of a character for our most recent rapid prototyping effort, AND a mystic, green flying stone skull…





I think its helpful to think of weapons in games as “characters.” Like game characters they usually play some kind of “role” and they often help move the game’s story/narrative along… so uh, basically weapons aren’t just for shooting and hacking things.

dragon sword R&C combo weapon

a note on these two: they were done for my game arts class taught by the fabulous  Gabriel Olson esq.  For the sword assignment we are learning about modeling high poly to get normal maps, ambient occlusion maps, spec maps etc… to apply to a lower poly version.  The gun sketch was a fun exercise to take 3 game weapons and mash them together in one… I love what the Ratchet and Clank guys did with theirs so that’s what I used for the exercise.