Engineering Two Final Assignment

Final Download!

Up and Down arrow control the orange truck
8 and 2 on the numpad control the green truck
Keep the ball bouncing back and forth
F1 turns off debug lines

It’s basically pong. A really really terrible version.

Overview of the game:
As the ball bounces back and forth, it will change color depending on who hit it last.
The score increases as you miss the ball. It is done using 2D elements and sprites.
I chose Pong because it’s a very simple game and I could hack together the collisions and reactions without actually creating a collision system. It also doesn’t have too many rules, so it made sense to keep the game side of things simple because the important part of this class was the build process and getting art assets into the game.
I didn’t really add anything from the class in to the game. It was already there from the rest of the assignments. It did help make the asset creation easier and more robust. I have material and mesh managers that load in meshes and materials one time and then objects can request a pointer to the mesh or material when it is needed for drawing. I found this was a great way to remove duplications in data.

I actually liked the class a lot. I really liked creating all the build tools. I think that having taken a really basic graphics class in the past really helped me in this class, even if it was for OpenGL. The most interesting things learned were the build process from Maya to a built asset, messing with shaders (which were a total enigma to me before this class), and lighting. Oh, and also the proper way to read in meshes. In the past, I had done all of these things really wrong, and it was nice to see the right way to do it. Or at least one of the right ways. Before, I was just finagling with things and making them work, even if they didn’t work well at all. Anyways, I learned a lot, and although some of the assignments I got frustrated with, I had an overall experience with the class.

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