Wait wait – ITERATION

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Two days before our sprint review this week, we had an engineer uprising to save the game. While it wasn’t a bad instinct, and the new game was actually a great product, it was a complete departure from what we were pitching just a week and a half before.

We had to put our brains together as a team to pull together aspects from our previous build to tie to our new build to show that it was an iteration, not just a new shot in the development dark. Thankfully, we were able to spin it as just that and it went over well during our sprint review.

We iterated from a mini game suite (a hallway with three different rooms) to one level that is entered by following a specific sound. Additionally, one of our engineers spent his sprint developing an elementary AI that could “patrol” and “sense” the player and the player’s sound within a certain radius. We had enemies in a prior room/level so improving them could be seen as an iteration.

It seems flippant but sincerely this has highlighted a great lesson in presentation. We’ve been indoctrinated with the ideals of iteration but sometimes things just work that nicely. So it becomes a game of presenting it the way that people want to see it. And if people¬†buy it, that’s a win.

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