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*until next Fall

We had a successful EAE Fest! We were lucky enough to get a spot by one of the doors so we could get some foot traffic from people coming through the building. I made a one sheet to print and by both of our workstations with the controls and a brief explanation of the game theme. Also, I put a QR code next to our website URL so if any play testers wanted to check the website and follow our development, they could!

It was obvious as we watched the play testers that no one was really relying on the audio of the game – they were simply watching the guards and the environment. We started some initial brainstorming that day but overall just put it at the top of our to-do list for design and development needs over the summer and next semester.

Aside from missing the audio, people were very complimentary! It was really encouraging to hear people saying they enjoyed the game play and were looking forward to the future of the game. Lots of compliments from people in the cohort about the potential of our game in light of everything else of the cohort. We couldn’t be more pleased or more proud of the progress we’ve made and the work that the team completed over the course of the semester.

After EAE day, we realized we never really had a team bonding experience. So we loaded up a TRAX car and headed to dinner as a group. It was fun, it was a good bonding experience, and it made me realize how much I appreciated how great my team was this semester. Looking back, we really had minimal drama and minimal conflict – what there was we tackled head on as a group and resolved as quickly as we possibly could of. I love those guys, and I love my team!

Looking forward, we are meeting next week to set up some parameters about who is doing what over the summer and what can and cannot be worked on (i.e. things that should not be changed without team consent and input). It’ll be a great few months, and I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running next fall! Adios!

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