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This week we had an opportunity to coordinate with the ACM chapter on the U of U to play test our game at their Indie Games Festival. Specifically, they were looking to showcase indie games made on the U campus, so all 5 cohort 5 games were there, in addition to a capstone game and one of the professor’s personal projects.

We had to arrive to setup at 930 and when we pulled up the build the engineers completed the night before, we realized there was no binaural audio. Since that it the lynch pin of our game, it made it essentially un-testable.

I got in contact with the engineers and was told it was simply an oversight to not keep the binaural audio plugin operational while they were troubleshooting the build. While I was glad it was a simple fix, I was incredulous and frustrated that the crux of our game lost an hour and a half of play testing due to being forgetful. C’est la vie, I suppose.

Aside from the initial lost time, we got good feedback from the few who did play test. It seemed as though there were differences between people who could hear the binaural audio well, and those who couldn’t. We realized that might be a hurdle we will repeatedly run in to – people that just don’t have a sense of hearing that is as acute. Additionally, we realized that guard spacing (because guard footsteps make binaural sound) will become a design issue because play testers said two guards that were near each other in the beginning of the level were hard to differentiate between their footsteps. Looking forward to taking all the feedback we got, synthesizing it, and moving forward to an even better build for EAE Fest at the end of this semester!

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