Iteration iteration iteration

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It was nice to have a week to work hard on the plan and simply move forward with our goals for the sprint, the team, and the game. In that regard, it was an uneventful week.

Overall, the project seemed to be floundering at that point. Artists were uninspired. The setting or theme was not giving enough context to inspire our engineers either. Our design kept waffling to try to find the juice and something that the team could rally behind. I feel like sometimes that’s just the way things go – people get burned out. I feel like it happens for less superfluous reasons when someone is being paid to come every day and meet deadlines, and in lieu of those requirements, team members just didn’t produce deliverables or come to class. We tried to give more autonomy to team members to inspire but instead decisions just didn’t get made. Hopefully something shifts with feedback at next week’s sprint review, because as producers we’ve discussed how we’re pretty much out of ideas.

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