Hitting the road again

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The Tuesday after spring break we had to present our current progress on our current build. Our key iterations were improving the room where you follow a sound and the object making the sound materializes. When we realized that room was everyone’s favorite part of our build, we realized we needed to extend it, so we added procedural generation of models to be the framework to make that experience longer. Also, we knew we needed to make the room where we followed capsules more difficult, and require the players to rely on audio instead of visual cues. To do this, we added visual confusion (i.e. fog) and enemy capsules so in addition to searching for one, you are running/dodging others.

This was the first week we also had an opportunity to have a formal sprint retrospective as well as a formal sprint planning meeting. Because sprint review with all five teams took so long, we essentially lost Tuesday as a work and meeting day and had to meet with the team on Wednesday. One of the big takeaways from our retrospective was we were wasting each other’s time by being late to class and meetings. Also we realized we made a lot of commitments as to which tasks would be done but instead of delivering on the due date, we would push the due date to make sure all promised features were in that weekly build.

We also realized we had a dependency on sprint planning to the design meetings so we had to postpone making the sprint backlog in its entirety in order to see what came out of the design meeting the next day. Here’s to getting in the swing of things!

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