Burying Jiggle

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Aren’t these titles titillating! You can see in a snapshot the rise and fall of the prototype that was known as Jiggle-O.

The industry feedback showed us that the panelists were really hung up on the “you just press spacebar, you don’t really jiggle.” Which is fair! It’s just disappointing that we felt steered away from that direction and that we didn’t have the resources (time or healthy developers) to make it happen. A perfect storm of bad circumstances and boom – we don’t get to have fun for a year and a half. Not to say we won’t have fun for a year and a half, I just meant . . . Jiggle would be the ultimate fun, and it’s dead.

Not that it has to be dead! We could work on it in our spare time but I know the engineers in EAE are the most swamped so them volunteering their time on the side would be pretty difficult. We’ll see what happens though.

The games that got picked instead . . . were political, which shouldn’t be surprising I suppose. I hope it pans out for everyone who gambled on voting for political strategies instead of good games that could get an IGF nod (which excludes Jiggle and includes a couple other games that could’ve gone far if politics hadn’t won out).

Having said that, there were some cool games that got chosen. I’m still undecided and have to decide in less than 24 hours, but my indecision isn’t about the game ideas I’m considering, it’s more just personnel breakdown, and how much I want to see some people everyday for over a year, heh.

Bye, Jiggle-O. You were super fun.

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