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Part of the IGF level island

Post 2 Fall 2015

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In the past 2 weeks, we’ve made good progress on the visual half of the game, and less than good progress on the engineering half of the game. We had no visual style chosen or specific direction to start creating assets towards. During the first week, the art team decided to create a low poly environment (+ […]

Post 1 Fall 2015

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We made a lot of design progress over the summer, and put the pedal to the metal the last 2 weeks of the summer on the development side of things. After EAE day at the end of Spring 2015, we observed that most if not all of our players weren’t focused on the binaural audio […]

The end end!

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*until next Fall We had a successful EAE Fest! We were lucky enough to get a spot by one of the doors so we could get some foot traffic from people coming through the building. I made a one sheet to print and by both of our workstations with the controls and a brief explanation […]

The end!

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We’re in the homerun stretch! At this week’s sprint review, we had a faculty candidate there to give more feedback. We pushed hard over the weekend to make sure it was finished but despite our best efforts, the build didn’t come together until about ten minutes before the presentation. Nick and Blake did a stellar […]

Play testing

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This week we had an opportunity to coordinate with the ACM chapter on the U of U to play test our game at their Indie Games Festival. Specifically, they were looking to showcase indie games made on the U campus, so all 5 cohort 5 games were there, in addition to a capstone game and […]

Wait wait – ITERATION

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Two days before our sprint review this week, we had an engineer uprising to save the game. While it wasn’t a bad instinct, and the new game was actually a great product, it was a complete departure from what we were pitching just a week and a half before. We had to put our brains […]

Iteration iteration iteration

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It was nice to have a week to work hard on the plan and simply move forward with our goals for the sprint, the team, and the game. In that regard, it was an uneventful week. Overall, the project seemed to be floundering at that point. Artists were uninspired. The setting or theme was not […]

Hitting the road again

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The Tuesday after spring break we had to present our current progress on our current build. Our key iterations were improving the room where you follow a sound and the object making the sound materializes. When we realized that room was everyone’s favorite part of our build, we realized we needed to extend it, so […]

Spring break

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Although the commitment to working over spring break was overpromised by the team as a whole, we did get some positives out of spring break. Perhaps the biggest was that everyone got on board with our re-focus on the basics of iteration. Come to find out, many of our grandiose conversations about narrative and what […]

Bye week

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The GDC plague struck swift and vengeful the week after GDC. I think everyone was running around, playing hard and networking hard, and when we all got back to the familiarity of Utah, our bodies laid down and let the virus take hold. Due to this, I was out of commission for the first half […]